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Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer On Your Big Day

Weddings are a celebration of love. The day a couple decides to tie the knot is a momentous occasion, and as a couple, you’re going to want to remember every single detail for as long as you can. The best way to make sure the documentation of your special day is picture-perfect is to hire a professional wedding photographer who captures it all.
While it may seem expensive to hire a professional wedding photographer in lieu of a family friend or a budding photography amateur, there are reasons why a professional photographer is so valued.

Here’s why hiring a professional makes the most sense

1. Your wedding is a keepsake to treasure.

Weddings are exquisite celebrations of love, and on film or in photos, these make some truly remarkable images. Having the right person there to catalog your ceremony is about more than just someone snapping photos of your wedding day. You may always remember looking into your lover’s eyes at the altar, but a photographer captures that moment and what’s going on while you’re caught up in love.

Professional wedding photographers document more than just the ceremony—we tell the story of your love and capture the narrative of the entire day. Also, weddings go by in a blur. In a blink of an eye, it will all be over. Memories last, but these wedding photos will become a treasured keepsake that will stand the test of time.

2. It’s not about the camera—it’s about the person who’s behind the camera.

Just like a writer, sculptor, or painter is an artist, so is a professional wedding photographer. In that regard, a camera—no matter the camera make or model or how expensive the equipment was—simply becomes a tool. Outstanding photos are the result of a master at work on his or her craft.

3. A professional has spent thousands of hours honing their craft.

That’s another variation between a professional photographer and an amateur one: anticipation. Professionals know where they need to be and where they need to be next, all while making quick adjustments—no matter the lighting or the technicalities—to execute a flawless portfolio of photos. Weddings aren’t staged events.

They’re happening in real-time with real people. Photographers have one chance to get it right. If your wedding photographer isn’t poised to capture the moments that only happen once, they will have missed their chance. A true professional won’t let that happen.

4. It’s about the earthy and exquisite details you won’t always see.

While you’re getting married, there are hundreds of other details that you’re going to miss out on, whether that’s during the ceremony, before the reception, or after it’s all over. Professional wedding photographers capture everything, so when you review the collection of photos from your wedding day you’ll fondly remember the blissful moments and may even laugh at something totally unexpected.

At Ferndara, we know that these small, everyday moments make a wedding all that it is. It isn’t only about the shots of the dress, the shoes, the ring, or the kiss. It’s the soft light of the evening. It’s your love, your culture, your story. It’s how your friends and family are overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Newly married couples glow. We capture how your glow is altogether yours.

5. The value of a professional photographer

No doubt that budgeting monetary spend is a top priority during wedding planning, whether it be on florals, venues, food, cars, dresses, suits, and accessories. However consider this, after a wedding, the food and flowers will all be gone, the dress or suit may never be worn again. The photographs from your wedding day will tell your love story again and again and again. Like your love, you’ll be able to hold onto these wedding day photographs for the rest of your life. Always consider the value of your photographers based on this!

Why Choose Ferndara?

Ferndara has always been at the forefront of digital wedding photography and videography. Our commitment to the artistry of wedding storytelling has remained unchanged. As an internationally recognised service, we’re still proud to be considered amongst Melbourne’s premier wedding photographers & videographers. Learn more about our story.