Turn your special day into memories that will last a lifetime. While the flowers, music and decorations will fade away, this is your story, and not something that should be easily forgotten.

At Ferndara, we paint your memories in vivid colour, letting your re-live the day over and over again.

We’re with you every step of the way, from morning preparations to the final goodbyes, ready to capture every moment of joy and celebration. Write your story with Ferndara Wedding Photography Melbourne.

More than a simple photograph, we seek to document the spirit of the day, freezing in time the day’s excitement and emotion. The way she smiles as she walks down the aisle, the way he looks at her when he says those words, and the joy and laughter of friends and family. It’s not the image we capture, but the love you share for one another.


Your wedding is a celebration of you, and a reflection of your style. We understand culture and tradition, and work hard to capture your wedding the way you want it. We specialise in photographing weddings of different backgrounds and cultures, for people of any race, sex or religion.

Choose exactly how you want your photos, and leave it up to us to make it happen. Photos on the beach at sunset? How about some pictures with an artistic flair? Whatever your style, we can make it happen.


Regardless of the size of your wedding, we’ll be there to capture every precious moment. We have extensive experience photographing and filming large weddings, capturing everything from wedding preparation to the first dance, and everything in between. Our photos tell the story of two people, two families, and a lifetime of happiness.

We know how busy weddings can be, especially if you’ve got a large family. With Ferndara you won’t have to worry about missing even a single moment.


If you’re thinking about having your wedding abroad, Ferndara will be there for you! We’ve filmed weddings in Hawaii, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and more, taking our skills international to bring your wedding memories home. Leave it to us to capture the beauty of your wedding ceremony on the backdrop of a gorgeous location. We can even help you work out travel and location for photographs over there, making the photography for your destination wedding run as smoothly as possible. We may be a Melbourne wedding photographer, but we’ll go wherever you need us to.


If you’re looking for wedding photos you can choose anyone. But if you’re looking for someone to tell your story, a photographer to capture every incredible moment, choose Ferndara. We believe that every wedding is unique, and deserving of a proper wedding photographer Melbourne. It’s our job to document your wedding and give you memories you can hold close for years to come. Come grab a coffee with us and discuss your wedding photos!