An incredible wedding demands the best. At Ferndara, we strive to provide amazing wedding videography services, telling the story of your wedding beautifully shot-by-shot. While we’re based in Melbourne we film all over the world, crafting wedding videos that will remind you of the day, and inspire for years to come. We understand that every wedding is unique. It’s an expression of you, and the love you share for each other. All the joy, happiness, fun and laughter. Our films are a reflection of the things that make you, and your wedding incredible. For amazing videos and wedding videography Melbourne, Ferndara should be your first choice. Talk to our team today and let us make your wedding unforgettable.


From start to finish we work closely with you to film exactly as you want it. If you’re looking for a cinema style masterpiece, you can count on our team to create it for you. Or if you’re after something light and fun, uplifting, or a storytelling experience, we can make it happen. We get to know you and discuss what you’re looking for, so we can create something that’s truly you. At the end of the day, you should feel like you can re-live your wedding every time you watch it.


You’ve only got one chance to shoot your wedding, so it makes sense that you’d want the best wedding videographer in Melbourne. With Ferndara you can sure you’re getting that. We’re passionate about weddings, and work hard to create incredible videos that won’t lose their magic. Our full service is so much more than just videos. Once the day is done we put in the hard yards, distilling the spirit of your wedding and editing the video we take into one amazing narrative that captures exactly what’s special about your wedding.


We specialise in catering for people of all races, cultures, sex, religions and beliefs. If you’re got a huge family that needs a lot of attention, we’ll be there to capture every moment. On the other side of the coin, if you’re planning on having a simple wedding without all the fanfare, our team can work in the background and capture your wedding exactly as it is. We’ve filmed weddings of all shapes and sizes, and have the experience to transform your special day into a story unforgettable.


If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer that can guarantee the best wedding videography Melbourne, Ferndara is for you. We’ve filmed a wide range of weddings including Indian weddings, Chinese weddings and Sri Lankan weddings, both local and international as destination weddings. We’re looking forward to discussing your wedding with you. Give us a call today!